We believe great things are achieved through great methods

Strategic Methodology

At ISM we believe that the implementation of state of the art Information systems goes hand in hand with world class methods to provide the best outcomes.
That's why ISM is always seeking the best practices in strategic consulting and providing it to our customers needs like continuous improvement through Business Process Management.

Accelerated SAP methodology

After the Strategic methodology, it's then time to the SAP implementation consulting which comes with its own set of rules. That's why SAP put together a special method for that implementation called Accelerated SAP (ASAP for short).
To provide a structured approach to the implementation process, ASAP is divided into five steps that could easily be put into action. First, the project preparation where we help you set the goals and strategies for the SAP implementation. Then comes the business blue print phase where we find the answers to how the project will benefit you. That step leads us to the 3rd phase of realization where we implement the business requirements based on the business blue print.
Then a final preparation period is observed, to test the results of the realization period, prepare the users through training and testing and transfer the data from the legacy system to the SAP system.
Finally, the go live phase concludes the project by shifting the use of the SAP system to handle live production operations. During this period, all the major processes are monitored closely for a period of time to assure perfect and smooth operability during peaks in operations levels.

Nearshore Methodology

Once SAP is implemented, managing the Information System becomes a necessity. As the environment changes, increasingly complex issues arise. At ISM we apply a loop process that start with the identification of the Requirements then moves to designing the solution or the fixe for the requirement. After that comes the building and testing phase where the solution comes to life and is tested to prove its viability. Once the solution is proven to be viable then it's deployed to full scale, at which time we follow closely the operability of the solution and look for points of improvement where we can optimize the solution and it's use. That brings us back again to identifying the requirements by completing the application management loop.